hard to feel the same love

Dear You.
Today we share a favourite.  This is a favourite from a group who found us! We listened and decided that their unique sound was just what we like.  If you think your band could be a favourite, email us at songs.from.you.to.us@gmail.com! We’d be delighted to listen.
The Miners Club – Pirates Of The Battered Sea
(we got to this track before it hit Youtube, so you’ll have to find it at http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/song_details/1525246)
This five-man group from Reading, UK is a complimentary collaboration of the bands: Amundsen’s Flag and Nexus Bloom.  The flavour The Miners Club brings to their music is an asset almost as attractive as their raw talent. Check them out (their music is available on iTunes) and let us know what YOU think?
What’s your favourite today?
Love Us.