better this time than ever before

Dear You.

Today we share a favourite.

Foster The People - I Would Do Anything For You

This is a great little group that we have JUST discovered.  Like literally one hour ago.  But even though we haven't been acquainted long, we're really feeling their sound.  It's so happy and upbeat.  They're on tour this summer, so see if they're coming to your area!

We would also like to share with you the website that we use to find all our favourite concert evenings!  It makes or an expensive habit, so please indulge responsibly.  But who doesn't love a little concert bender?  All you have to do is type in the band that you are interested in seeing live and the website will tell you whether they are on concert and then general a list of their past and upcoming concerts.  It will even link you to tickets!  It also suggests bands similar to your artist of choice that are also on tour.  It will even e-mail you when your favourite artists announce a tour! possibilities are endless.

Who's your favourite today?

Love Us.