caught in the waves of hesitation

Dear You.
Today we share a favourite.
Green River Ordinance – Endlessly
This group of five are from Fort Worth, Texas.  With a band name meaning “prohibition of door-to-door soliciting”, it's quite the oxymoron because we know there are fans who would love to have Green River Ordinance at their doors!  Not only is this group attractive and talented, they are also charitable.  They have started their own charity project where you can purchase songs online and 100% of the profits go to one of the five sponsored charity organizations.  You get to pick where you send your donation! This project can be found at and we encourage you to join us in supporting them. If you like their music, you’ll love the feeling you get, knowing you’ve made a difference by listening.  And if you REALLY like their music, you'll love their concerts they have coming up!
What’s your favourite today?
Love Us.