you're better than I wanna be ... so bully me

Dear You.
Today we share a favourite.  And a little more.
Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
Sneaker Pimps took their name from an article written by the Beastie Boys about a man they hired to track down some classical sneakers.  But Sneaker Pimps is more than just a good story.  They are a group that formed in 1994 whose music is still being enjoyed to this day.  Their eerie sound draws you in and keeps you listening until the final decrescendo.   We hope this track, which made it to number nine on the UK charts, makes its way onto your songlist.
But today we share more than just a song.  We also share a project.
Bully Me
Emily Ferris, a University of Western Ontario student, is a girl you should keep an eye on.  She has the ability to capture the artistic essence of whatever she is pursuing and this is a skill and talent that is not easy  to come by.  We expect great things from her.  We share her project on body dysmorphia which also features the track 6 Underground.  We hope it amazes you too.
What’s your favourite today?
Love Us.
Ps. Let us know what you think.