the words have already been wrote

Dear You.

Today is your lucky day, because today we share TWO favourites. 
We have decided that we just chould not choose between the two.

Me Vs. Myself - Carefully

This band is unlike any other that we have featured.  But when we heard this track, we were instantly entranced.  Ready to share their music and passion with the world, they released their first EP "Seasons" and we are definitely looking forward to the next project they are working on. This group of four well-rounded musicians allowed us to appreciate a song in a genre that is not always of our first interest.  This demonstrates their ability to draw a wide crowd no matter the age group, preference, or stereotype.  Let Me Vs. Myself surprise you.

Follow them on Facebook:!/MeVsMyselfband?sk=info

Do you have two favourites today?

Love Us.